Sunday, 28 December 2014

A new Christmas requirement for my cooking skills

Having lots of family/friends requirements to test me - diabetic (avoid sugars), Muslims (no pork products to be anywhere near and special meats), Hindu (no beef) I was thrown a new one for Xmas!
Having found out about a milk intolerance in our new grandson my daughter in law and the baby have to be dairy free and no cross contamination!

This tested my usual Xmas reliance on a nice cheese board, trifle and lots of cream! But we managed a very nice Xmas menu without making one person feel too deprived.  This led to some thinking about making sure more of our normal menus. We found a nice red cabbage recipe on the diary free web site so this replaced the one I had done recently in the slow cooker which needed 6oz butter! Went wonderfully with  the gammon and  turkey.

Had to do some substitutions with balsamic vinegar and honey instead of some of the exotic ingredients - and we did it quickly in a saucepan and added a water to keep it from catching and caramelizing too much!

Unfortunately they have gone home and now I have to be inventive with the unused cheeses, yogurts, and cream by myself.


  1. Goodness you do have a varied range of dietary requirements to cater for. My husbands been diabetic for 35 years but takes the everything in moderation approach. I have a lot of cream that I need to use up too!

  2. That is a good long time - he has obviously managed it well! My son was diagnosed at 14 and was a social phobic which meant he found it hard to express his feelings as well it was hard to manage the condition at first. I dont think I will bother with cream again I just watched a Jamie Oliver where he used a variety of less fattening things where I would have expected cream!



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