Saturday, 23 January 2021

Giving stuff away

Our village Facebook page is full of "stuff" people put out for free at their gates, mostly plastic toys. Late yesterday afternoon I put out a FREE message, saying it would be on verge around 10am on Saturday. By 10.05 the first person dew up, by 11.30 they were all (20) gone.

Who would think a few scruffy spare plants would be so attractive on a damp dull morning?

Just as well all gone by then, as its 3 pm and its started to snow.

Prompted by my FB post, an acquaintance in the village just messaged me to say she was house packing ready to move to Kent. Shocked. She was so entrenched in village life here (various committees) and how did she manage to view houses in Covid times? Also jealous as it is one of the areas we are contemplating and we have not made our first step to achieve anything yet.