Thursday, 21 November 2019

Learning to crochet

Earlier in the month I wrote that I was teaching myself to crochet. Using library books, Youtube, £1.69 hook and a bag of unwanted double knit wool.

How am I getting on?  Have a look!

 Everything seems to have a bend?

Why cant' I make a square?  Is that suppose to petals on that circle?


I am now going to concentrate on forming a straight, even edged large square with the simple stitches. I may unpick all the early attempts and reuse the wool. Once I have got single chain, double stitch and possibly treble stitch under control I may consider the experiment done. I don't think I will ever get to be the fancy crochet or even the granny square blanket person!  My eyes feel permanently crossed.

I wonder if my grandson (6) will teach me more ukulele at Christmas?

Meanwhile, I am learning how to be a YouTuber and an Instagram-er!!!! More another day.

Yes. You are right. I am BORED.  And there is a long Parish council meeting to sit through tonight.

Just had our first frost. So its cold (-2C this morning), but pretty when the sun is out during the day. The first Vs of geese have been passing over us most days on their way back and forth between the marshland edges of The Wash and the sugar beet fields. Their noise is very distinctive and lovely in the cold crisp air.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Logs and rats

Or Rats and logs - if you take the chronological order!
Went away for a few days and on return found that the old loo we had converted outside loo into a store had been invaded by a rat and our store of potatoes gnawed and the kindling in there popped on. B....... rat. 
But it all had to come out anyway as the next day the local log man was bringing us a lorry load. From the drive to the shed took all day, between showers


Got it all squared away, remaining bags moved to another location and the poison put out.

Next day my husband opened the garden tap to drain the last bit of water. It flowed. What happened I asked? Did you not turn it right off on the valve at the back of the shed after we cleaned up and before we put in the logs?

Apparently not.  Well, not fully off or some mumbled explanation.
Half of the lorry load will have to come out again.
I am not moving them again.
The ones that have to be moved are coming indoors once and for all.
I don't care about the stacks of logs littering the place I am only moving the ..... things into the fire.

I blame the rat.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Savvy Shopper cookbook

Book review

I picked this up in the library for a quick browse this week and I quite like its philosophy which is to have a simplified, scaled down approach to shopping, cooking and eating. It is based on using discount stores.

I am not a discount supermarket user, they are simply too far away from home, in a town centre with awful traffic snarl ups and a series of 12 traffic lights to go through!! I will stick to getting groceries delivered once a fortnight for under £2 a time.  Also my meal planning is around what is growing in the garden and ready to harvest rather than what I go our and buy.  But I liked some of the ideas.

  • There are lists of regular buys suggested in this book. I have my own  next to the computer for everything that regularly appears in my store cupboard or fridge/freezer. Its a great way to cross check yourself and keep well stocked so you can cook from scratch easily.
  • I am not a fresh herb user as suggested, even though I have the space and ability to grow them I still reach for dried from choice (a habit?). But Amy suggests a good mix for curry powder you do yourself using all the store cupboard herbs thus saving buying another jar specially!
  • I agree with using olive oil. If you get at right price. It cooks better and tastes better.
  • Her meal plan is quite simple but mine includes far more soups - they make filling and cheap lunches and use up veg really well.
I enjoyed the recipe ideas. At least 6 were in my own regular dishes book, but there were 12 I was willing to try out like Homity pie, sweet chilli mackerel pasta, sweetcorn soup, vegetable korma.

If you see it then it is worth a peruse.

My other library choice from non fiction side was Beginners Guide to Crochet. I have been promising myself to master this skill for ages. I got a hook on the way home for £1.65. I am not getting on very well at all. I don't seem to have the right kind of hands........

Learning to crochet

Earlier in the month I wrote that I was teaching myself to crochet. Using library books, Youtube, £1.69 hook and a bag of unwanted double kn...