Sunday, 9 December 2018

Sorted out the mat

The rag rug which went a bit off last week

has been sorted out and squared off.

It is suppose to be for under my sewing table but a present it is by the fire place to help ease the pressure on the knees when we crawl from the settee to go and  put more logs on the fire! We shuffle on our knees to avoid standing up, then bending over - also a bit stiff lately as we have been outside in the cold wind measuring right angles to get the supports in for a new shed.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Good lord

Image result for shocked face
We listen to local radio first thing in the mornings and not all of it is wonderful content and we often tune out.  But I must just comment on this morning's piece of journalism.  Apparently a town to the south of us is the highest prescribing place in the UK for opiate based pain medicines ( as well as regularly featuring in reports of many other social problems).

As the article went on they interviewed some bloke who had weaned himself off strong pain killers after 10 years and they discussed his changed personality over several years. We got quite engaged.   We listened to the regional health point of view about costs.  We listened to a health expert who said opiate pain meds were no effective after several years of use.  He described his good relationship with his GP who had called him in to discuss his pain medicine, his depression medicine and his sleeping pills.

The bloke spoke of his gradual reducing of the opiates. Starting from 10 pills A DAY!   10 lots of morphine a day???? Did we hear that right?? Good lord. No wonder he was zoned out. How did he get away with driving a car? Surely over the drug limit if stopped??

Hang on. Our GP surgery reluctantly gives us the minimum of our life supporting drugs and reviews and re tests us every 12 months.  Never mind how "friendly" this bloke's GP was; they need to be sacked!! How could they let the man become an "accidental junkie"?   Over prescribing has been an issue for years and this town is not exactly off the beaten track so how come this has been allowed to go on?  As our county NHS organizers have been criticized for its mental health services, two failing hospitals and adult care is a mess, so I am going to take this reported failing as yet more proof of the systems breaking down.

Note to self. Stay healthy and stay away from hospitals etc!!

Name plates

I have a new book about Zentangle drawings called Zenspirations by Joanne Fink.  It is called Dangle Designs and I have been experimenting with the dangle bits and the lettering.  It is great fun and very relaxing of an evening.

These are for my two 4 year old grandchildren.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Alternative Xmas tree

We are going to be out of the house for most of Christmas so are not bothering with many of the rituals.  But when the wind took a few branches off the birch tree I could not resist having a little bit of alternative tree indoors.
Terrible picture
Massive glass vase (from when we had a big house and decor was on large scale) filled with sparkly tree baubles and a short line of cheap lights which hold the branches in place.  Birch is very bendy so the lightest of the oldest decorations (15 years old at least)- fir cones with santa hats, cones made of coloured raffia, some bells.

I will clear the bits off the window sill next week and the few cards we get will complement it nicely. Nice and easy to clear away. 

We will be visiting others houses and will admire there needle dropping real fir trees greatly (and gratefully).

Slightly screwiff?

I attacked my second hand material stash the other day and cleared a lot of stuff out the other day and cut a lot into strips to make one of my rag rugs. Plenty of choice but a first there was a lot maroon sweatshirts.
I wanted a smallish square to go under my sewing table to keep my feet warm but something went a bit wrong when I stitched the plaits together. Probably not paying attention as I was watching TV at the time.
More of a parallelogram.  I will have to square it up a bit somehow.  My gardening fleece has just  broken its zip so I am thinking of using it to make a fringe or binding. I will turn the fleece inside out as the outside has paint splats and is faded.  I have recently found quite a few things are better used inside out - often the colour is better and smoother surface.

At the end I felt I had recycled 80% of the old clothes that were not even suitable for charity shop donation. I still ended up with a pile of bits (collars, seams, etc). .  I was watching one of the programmes about pollution and rubbish heaps the other day and they showed a 1970s dump with clothes that were still whole and recognizable. Apparently modern fabrics don't break down?   Back in the old days there would be a man with a cart, the "shoddy man",  who gave my old Granny a few shillings for bags of rags.  But in those days it would have been wool or cotton fabric - not polyester etc.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Salmon recipe

Picked up some nice salmon this week at the fish wholesalers this week and tried a new recipe.
For 4 fillets dusted with paprika - in melted 2 oz butter and fried 4 garlic gloves (minced) add.  When browned put in oven. Add -
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1  tablespoons of water

Spoon over fish in oven - looking for a crusty top!


Two fillets left in fridge overnight were flaked and stirred into pasta the next day and were very, very tasty.

I have two nice pieces of smoked haddock in freezer and will be looking for tasty meals at the end of the week.

Have you had your say?

Done two things this week on the "interwebby thing" we affectionately call it in our house.
1.  Had my say on the future BBC changes to TV licencing for pensioners!
BBC consultation
Bit long winded but I did find a space to say us people who have loyally paid since 1970s have given them a LOT of money by the time we get to 80 and do people who did not pay licence get a freebie?  I really wanted to say - can I have a credit note for all the repeats and rubbish they put on?  But I refrained it was a serious document.

2. Wrote to my MP about Brexit.
And a got a sensible and well argued response.  He even agreed with me!!!!!!!!

Now if only I could get someone at our daft Parish Council to actually respond to my emails I would believe in Christmas fairy miracles.

Sorted out the mat

The rag rug which went a bit off last week has been sorted out and squared off. It is suppose to be for under my sewing table but ...