Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Recording spring

Busy day out by the vegetable garden today.  We added a row of swede and a row of turnips (each right across the 26 ft wide bed) and between put a short row of radish and spring onions.  Today has been incredibly warm and we think the soil temperature is increasing and the top is quite dry.  Seeds put in on 1st March are only just showing - beetroot, parsnips and carrots.

While wandering back and forth I think I spotted the first swallow of the day.  I had already seen the first tortoiseshell butterfly and there are a few bees around. Bit worrying as I can't see much food - few insects and apart from daffs, violets and a few primroses there are only some pansies in the tubs and daronicum in the perinnal bed but none of the fruit trees or elder-flower are out yet.

Having caught up with BBC Springwatch I thought I would record the signs of spring here to add to their data collection. Thought the site was a little complex but got there in the end and recorded the swallow and the may blossom just down the lane!

My husband's reaction to the swallow was to think about closing the workshop windows and blocking any holes. Love them, but they can be messy when taking up residence above the workbench and when they have young and you run power tools and saws they get upset!


  1. I'm glad you've got signs of life. I think it's been to dry and I've lost my carrots,parsnips and broadbeans.

    1. Outdoor sowings on 1st March have been very slow in showing any sign of life.I have watered a bit but desperate for April showers really.



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