Sunday, 31 May 2015

Micro veg!

After a blustery day of showers on Friday I found the broad bean plant on the corner had snapped off at ground level. This was a disaster as it had about 10 pods on it.  I picked the very under formed beans and found I had a tablespoon of micro beans!
Waste not, want not. I added a few baby spinach leaves from the tunnel and made a risotto with them! Stirred in the last fish portions from the fish market down by the nearby port and it was a very tasty meal!  Sorry no picture of the risotto it disappeared too fast!

Meanwhile I am on an evening  slug hunt - suddenly the lettuce are full of the little so and so's!


  1. Tiny broad beans, bet they were sweet.

  2. I love them when they are small like that.

  3. don't like broad beans normally, but I bet I would have liked those.

  4. They were lovely. I dont like them when they are older with that thick skin. We have had to chop the tops off today and re stake them the wind battered them. Found just enough ready ones for today's tea.


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