Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Jam and blouse

Been away at Grandchildren's first birthday parties so no posts for a while.

Also this last week has been a motor sport fest for my husband, F1 and TT races, so I set myself some projects to keep busy.  Our neighbour still has loads of rhubarb which I have made into some jam.

I used a recipe that was equal rhubarb and sugar, plus lemon juice and bruised fresh ginger.

In my sewing room I used a metre of light polyester and a free pattern from my Sew magazine to make a blouse for the parties. I like this pattern the body is only 3 seams and some gathering and though the yoke looks complex I followed the instructions carefully and it was OK. It is sort of a double layer with interfacing so sits nicely. The back fastening is button and loop - I think I would go for something more firm if I did it again as it felt a little loose and I worried it would come undone, so I used quite large buttons to fill the loops!

Meanwhile back to weeding the polytunnel and veg gardens! Never ending tasks.


  1. Lovely blouse. My hubby is a sports fan too mainly F1 and Moto GP. My grandsons know all the names of the bikers Valentino Rossi etc The fleece has helped keep the weeding down and stopped the birds eating the leaves. I will grow under cages and fleece next year.

  2. We are definitely going to invest in cages next year! Rossi is good but we have a soft spot for Brit Scot Reading as we lived in his home town for a while.


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