Tuesday, 30 June 2015


First of all apologies to anyone leaving comments, my laptop is being slow and difficult at present. I will try some clean ups to see if it loads pages more smoothly while its too hot to weed!

Went to tidy the root crops as they were the few veg that have germinated well and were much too crowded. The swede are quite small still but with lots of tops so I just took out the weak ones to get them better spaced.  The turnips seem to have had two germination's. Some were mature and some just seedlings. I pulled all the mature ones and had 9 lbs of good crop. The rest I left to mature, in my veg growing book it says they will mature in August.  I think I will freeze most of these and experiment with various tastes - books say chilli and other strong mixes go well with them.

Meanwhile squeeze between a wooden fence and the greenhouse I have planted a kiwi fruit plant I have had in a pot for a couple of years.. It had very small flowers and now has several very, very small fruit.  I have delighted in emailing an ex colleague who had a kiwi for 5 years and had not got anything from it!!
Will have to get a bit of weeding done taking care not to get sun burnt.


  1. Great New about the Kiwi as its a great source of Vitamin C and classed as a superfood! Your swede is a good size you are doing well. I love swede an carrot mash with lots of pepper and a little butter.

  2. I like mashed swede too, but not a little butter - lots!


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