Saturday, 4 July 2015

Taste testing carrot crop

My husband had commented on the baby carrots one dinner time in the week so asked him for his comparison today with some others.
These were a baby carrot variety called "Ideal" that I grew in the poly tunnel.. they kept their colour and shape well in cooking but did not have a strong taste - in fact, pretty tasteless. No carrot fly, (grown near tagetes and not sprayed or protected) good germination and even size achieved.
These were Nantes 5 variety grown out in the veg garden, sown quite early, no carrot fly (grown near tagetes, onions and garlic and not sprayed) but several have gone to seed in the row. Patchy germination due to cold but have achieved a reasonable size considering we have had little rain in June. Kept colour well in cooking and had a nice carroty taste.
We have some James Scarlett carrots further down the plot, these are not ready yet.  I see there are some Autumn King in the seed box which can be sown in July so I will try to clear some ground for these if it rains enough to soften the ground!  I am half way through the garlic, onion and broad bean plot clearance and by the time I am finished I think I will have a complete drawer in the fridge freezer of broad beans for the winter!  We discussed doing 50% broad bean plants less next year and upping the potato area instead.


  1. I think I'll change some if the things I'll grow next year. I've had no broad beans yet they were late developing. I've had lots if beet root, carrots and peas. Hopefully the broad beans and runners beans will make a good winter freezer store food. We still have lots of parsnips, onions,beet root,potatoes,courgettes and tomatoes to come.

  2. I am growing my carrots in a raised bed this year and I made a top hoop and covered with netting, so far every thing looks good. But almost every thing is late.


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