Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sewing latest

Been beavering away on and off making a tunic top for Grand daughter No 2 aged 8 Having promised I would make them some new tops.

Another frugal sew!
Material free give away - 1.5 meters of cotton print - with a book purchase. Pattern from a book I got on offer about pattern cutting from blocks. No need for any zips or buttons on this design. Cotton thread in my supply tin.

However, it looked a bit uninteresting so I spent more time adding to basic tunic.

I used some red cotton/poly fabric to make a 2" frill round the hem, and then cut some of the red and pattern fabric into strips and made them up into squares. Cut these into two pockets, lined with pattern fabric and attached as two patch pockets.  Used red thread to machine embroider a ribbon motif up and down the front opening and a flower motif round the neck line to hold down the facing. I had reduced the sleeves pattern from full length to elbow but they were very wide; so I found some second hand elastic (rescued from a skirt I think) and threaded it through the hem of the sleeves into a loose gather.

Added a "Made by Grandma" label (some printed ribbon I brought years ago)  and posted off to Grand daughter in a far away city (£1.19).  Hope she likes it.

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