Thursday, 15 October 2015

Technology - love it and hate it

Being driven insane by laptop which won't connect my BT account to Outlook any more, incensed by new super computer as it won't let me log into a live Mail BT account, and likely to explode at the old PC as it will connect to email but won't connect to the printer.

So I am here on old PC looking at emails and blogger with the laptop next to the key board on the Web downloading a free dress pattern from the Sew Magazine site which is a pdf that needs to be printed over 10 pages and stuck together with sticky tape. Half advanced skills, half simple skills.

I like this magazine and on the web site as there are loads of free patterns to download!

The dress pattern is for an 8 year old dress for Grand daughter number 2.  I better get on with it as I have just done one for Grand daughter Number 1 and there will be pouting if not treated equally. I think I have some material in my stash so will be a thrifty sewing project.

Girls Shirt Dress

Meanwhile a lot of cleaning and tidying happening as friends not seen for 18 months are coming for weekend. I like visitors it makes me clean up!!!


  1. I had problems with my laptop last year but I just reset factory settings losing personal stuff on it. Then i re added the security. It worked. I do believe BT is getting slower I wonder if it's a ploy to get me to sign up to Infinity.

  2. PS. Looking forward to seeing the dress made up. Have a great weekend with friends,

  3. We have just started with infinity and the troubles are no better!



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