Thursday, 31 December 2015

A happy new Year!

Warmest greetings to everyone in blogland and followers! Bring on 2016 and lets enjoy it!

Thank goodness Xmas is over. Love my sons and their various families and today is the first for 10 days we are alone and quiet and doing our own stuff, bliss. Listen - ?   Yep. Nothing.  sun is shining, washing drying on the line, and no large meals required today.

We had a great time and lots of nice meals after which no one was desperately hungry and no one picked or wanted extras after a meal.  My eldest son baked us another large Xmas cake (he is an excellent baker, gets it from his master baker Grandfather and not me) so we are well stocked in cake till the end of January.  Husband was not particularly feeling well so he actually lost 2 lbs over the holidays.   I filled the freezer with turkey bones and will get it all out to make a big stock pot next week when I feel more like cooking again.

As the two youngest grandchildren are both 18 months there was a lot of running round and entertaining. One was not too well for most of Xmas so there was some stress with what to feed him, ending in the hospital saying give him nothing but water and clear soup for 24 hours.  Which did the trick and the endless nappy changing and screaming stopped and he and I played "go, run, stop, go" till he fell over exhausted and slept most of the way back to London. Grand daughter ate like a horse and walked for miles on her own at the beach, the park and our long field till she fell asleep for 4 hours on the way home to Wiltshire.

What was the best thing on the very little children's TV we managed to watch? Stick Man. Excellent art work and a gentle story well told and grandson and I had quiet granny time watching it together.

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  1. I concur......its lovely having them but boy is it nice to have your own time later. Love the hat did you make it?


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