Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Bargain shop

Popped into local co-op in way back from hairdressers just to buy a bit of fruit. This will put off any need to shop till Monday I thought. But then I found some good yellow sticker stuff!
The meatballs at 65p, combined with a tomato sauce using one of the last few bags of chopped toms from last summer, will now do for Monday's main meal. So won't have to shop at all till Tuesday!

The bacon (80p) will pep up some lunches towards the end of the week, I may do a flan and/or a pizza - I will pop it into the freezer. The pancetta (80p) will pep up the left over Breast of chicken dish from last week's whole chicken cook, and any left will go in the freezer.

I wanted some fruit but bulked at the price of any "luxuries" on the mains stand. Then in the reduced chill cabinet were a bag of pears for 42p. That would do nicely!


  1. Great food finds Trish. I'm always chuffed if I manage to get anything. If I had to live on finding reduced items I'd starve for sure.

    1. First time I have been in there for months, as we have supermarket deliver and then use local butcher I don;t have a need but this week I found I wont need the £40 minimum spend and was reluctant just to have a delivery for milk. I should have been good and just spent the £2 but the other things were a bargain!


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