Friday, 5 February 2016

Spring in the Village

Is that title a little too much like a "Miss Read" saga? Do you remember those, they were popular gentle early 20th century village tales so time ago.

Anyway, it was time for the car's MOT so the husband took it to the village garage at 8 am and walked home. I went back at 10.15 to collect it. Passed so only expense was the stinging £45 fee.  On the way through the village I was trying to discreetly take some pictures of the village scene by the Victorian primary school, church, vicarage and manor house where there are a row of lovely cherry trees just coming into bloom.
This is the only one that came out as it was difficult to be discreet when wearing a bright red coat. There are so many rules about public photography especially around schools  and just as I got there the secondary school where doing some street project! I will try again, perhaps on a Saturday.

As I wandered on I saw a notice board for someone running a sewing studio behind the ironmongery store so went in to chat. A very nice set up and a lovely lady running classes and doing some work on vintage materials. We have similar backgrounds and tastes so I hope I can go along sometimes.

Back home tidy B one side is mowing his grass and market gardening D the other side has got his old tractor out and is ploughing in his sprout and brassica crops.  I must change and get back out there. Yesterday I tidied the two rows of autumn sown onions and added a new row, hoed up the baby leek row and dug up more of the new crop of leeks for the kitchen. I put in 4 more short rows of early carrots in the poly-tunnel and checked this morning they were still damp. You have to keep them well watered for the first 14 days.

Spring is definitely coming!


  1. The blossom is beautiful but really early.

    1. In 2014 when we first came to visit the village it was just in bloom and it was March. It is far too early this year.

  2. We've been in Kent for a couple of days and there are things in bloom all over the place. I wore my heavy coat and was far too hot!


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