Thursday, 11 February 2016

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We planned our veg patch in November and decided we needed to double our potato harvest. Eight rows of about 25 ft this time and went off to buy the seed potatoes. We could have done this on line and earlier but we wanted to touch and inspect the different varieties. (And of course there was the significance of the treatn of a wonderful special hot chocolate at the Garden Centre Cafe to be considered). So with a raging over the top choc headache we approached the stand. Bit disappointed not to find more sold loose we decided to go mad and get premium brand.


Swift 1st Early
International kidney/Jersey  1st Early
Charlotte  2nd early
Nicola 2nd early
Maris Piper  Main crop
Desiree x2 bags Main crop
Does anyone have any recommendations on varieties for east Anglia?  It is very dry here but the soil is lovely. Potatoes grown commercial quite a lot in this area.

Hopefully we will get some earlies in 10 weeks time and then be self sufficient in potatoes to Xmas and beyond.   We are concentrating on things we eat a lot of and spreading out the harvest period by succession sowing. Our experimental growing this year will be in variety of tomatoes ( which I will write about another time).

I have started to stand them out to be chitted in the shed and am keen to get the veg garden in the field rotovated soon.  Unfortunately, instead of gardening we are back rebuilding the workshop as the weather is calm and sunny. We demolished the third wall which was the most waterlogged and mouldy. It was also the one my husband has completely rebuilt so the spacing between uprights is nice and regular making the planking a lot easier. But we were so tired yesterday there was not one measurement we did not mess up and had to kept re-cutting the boards.
Having the morning off to sew seeds, do my Sainsbury order on line (saves going in the car to shop) and get his haircut and then back to it this afternoon as we have only two more reasonable days forecast before the next low hits us.

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  1. Youtube video worth a look. ENORMOUS harvest of container Grown Potatoes. THE POTATO USED IS SARPO MIRAS. A RED POTATO GROWN ON THIS OCCASION IN 30L TUBS. FANTASTIC.


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