Friday, 4 March 2016

Price Comparisons on shopping

As my back is sore today I thought I would do some shopping research before compiling next week's fortnightly grocery shopping list. I don't know how we cope in this country with our retailers!

Cornflakes. (we are on  wheat avoidance at breakfast at the moment for dietary reasons)
It comes in packets.
If you are stickler for your Kellogg brand then the only question should be what size do I need.

Sainsbury's offer
250g packet at 56p per 100g
500g                39p
750g                27p
1kg                  26p

So at recommended 30g servings the 1000g packet will last 33 days - or say 2 weeks for 2 of us?  Or  a month if breakfast is varied with porridge and eggs sometimes.

Could I get a better price? By comparing all 4 sizes in 2 more supermarkets I could get
20p per 100g if buy 2 packets of 750g at Morrisons on offer  (1.5kg too much for a month)
23p per 100g if I buy 500g packets at Tesco  (not enough for a month, I would have to buy 2 packets or another packet next shop)  But both these options mean I have to deal with twice as much packaging too! But their offers don't reflect they had to pay for two lots of packaging either.

Who would be the most expensive supermarket for the single big packet?  ASDA
30p per 100g in the biggest size

Then there were the peas. 
They come in packets and you stuff them in the freezer and dip in over weeks and weeks.  I leave a container in the bag so I can measure out the servings otherwise the plate looks like there is a pea invasion.
If you are a stickler for your Birds Eye you could be tempted by Sainsbury's offer.
400g of £1
but the normal price on 800g is £2 (the same £2.50 per kg? Where is the offer?)
The only real reduction is if you buy 1.58kg and the price goes down to £2.09 per kilogram.
So I compared ASDA
for 400g bags you are paying £3.63 per kg and for 1.37kg you are paying £2.19kg

Do supermarkets think we are ALL compulsive brainless basket fillers? Or do they just price by random choice?

My head has now exploded and I think I will wander off for more tea and more pain killers.

Other supermarkets and their weird pricing policies are available on other web sites. 


  1. Great post Trish. Its a minefield out there. And they deliberately change the way they price something to make it harder for the consumer. One minute its per 100g, then it may be per serving or per unit. Rouges all of them!!!Its about time packaging was made simpler both weight and portion wise as well as dietary wise.

    1. Do you remember a phase in the '80s where we went to shops with big drums and we weighed out our own dry goods? Wish we had these now!

  2. Take care that huge packs of things such as cornflakes aren't stale by the time you get to the third or fourth week. And there is usually quite a lot of sugar and salt in cornflakes. I prefer bran flakes with a banana sliced on top, or even some sultanas or sliced apricot pieces.
    You are right, rogues and robbers the lot of 'em!
    Margaret P

    1. I decant the cereal into big plastic storage tubs - two advantages - you can see when its going down and it does keep better! Very worthy breakfasts you have there! Rogues definitely!

  3. I think they think we are idiots, and to a point some people are, they throw anything in their trolley. But with careful shopping you can beat them, we have notices Asda often have their cans and jars smaller than everywhere else, so they are not such a bargain, unless like us there is only two so the smaller option is better.

    1. You'd think with all the publicity retailers are getting one of them would take a stance and say lets make things easier and thus gain loyal supporters. I'm not an A fan, when we lived in a city with a giant store, I swear there were ten aisles I never went down - full of fizzy drinks, processed foods, etc and stuff I would never buy! Yet, it was packed every day!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my suitcase makeover! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    xo Dianne

    1. Hi nice to met you. Well it has stopped raining and I have spent some nice time doing some water colour painting!


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