Saturday, 14 May 2016

Base for craft shed

After demolishing our 1930s asbestos garage earlier this year my husband has been forming the base for a replacement "shed". I am promised a craft/hobby room in the form of a log cabin (as a way to get me out of second bedroom and stop leaving sewing pins and watercolour paints all over the place). He filled the base with hardcore from around the place and topped it with brought in ballast, then made a frame of redundant timbers supplied by the neighbours and scraps of iron posts.  After lots of checking it was level, and sums to calculate the concrete needed and finding someone to deliver a small load,  he was ready to begin!

We paid our neighbour in cauliflowers to come round and lend a hand with the tamping down process.  Neighbour loves this kind of stuff and since his wife passed away at Christmas is keen for any kind of job to do. Apparently, it all went well and only took two hours to take delivery, flatten and clean up.  "Apparently" ? - I wimped out and went to the dentist thus avoiding any involvement and potential back ache!  It was all done by the time I came back.

This is definitely our last big building project; we are both fed up with the work load and stress of getting materials and handling heavy stuff. Retirement is supposed to be relaxing is'nt it?


  1. wonderful, I am sure you will spend many a happy hour in there, its great that you can reuse bits and barter for help :-)

  2. Coo, where did you find a lovely husband like that? You will have every sewist and painter drooling with envy!

  3. Well done for avoiding the concreting bit,But who's putting the cabin up? will you be up a ladder holding bits together? :-).
    Look forward to seeing it all done

  4. Just think of all the fun you will have inside.

  5. Lucky you having a whole cabin to yourself. Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. He is threatening to come in and do picture framing sometimes but I am changing the locks!



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