Sunday, 1 May 2016

Something new

I don't splash out on new things often preferring to make do and mend or create, but when my son handed me an Amazon gift card he did not want I immediately thought of this treat.

New cushions for the lounge.
Blend in nicely with the leather two seater (which has survived 4 house moves over 10 years and is cared for so it lasts us out) and look very modern.

 I am pleased with them and sent the picture with my thanks to the son!


  1. Those are delightful cushions! And they look so good on our sofa!
    Margaret P

    1. No one is allowed to sit on them for 6 months!

  2. Very nice cushions, I dare say if you could have got material from Amazon you would have made them as you are so skilful.

    1. My first thought too! But just for once it was nice to just get something new. Thank you for the award thing - thinking about my 10 questions!


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