Thursday, 1 September 2016

Visiting a lighthouse that is not a lighthouse

We kept away from all the holiday traffic this bank holiday weekend and went across various back roads to reach the mouth of the to the River Nene.  We knew this was the other end, from King's Lynn, on the Peter Scott Wash walk and we knew from a previous visit to the opposite bank that there were a pair of lighthouses. 

We found out from various "interpretation boards" that Peter Scott spent 6 years living at this East Lighthouse (Sutton Bridge) prior to the 2nd World War and did a lot of his famous paintings.  He started his wildfowl sanctuary in the marshes around the house.  As you can see it no longer is by the sea or in marsh land!

From the house, there is this large field with sea bank with trees, and then another one with the most recent sea bank and then marshes! No wonder he had to up sticks and start at Slimbridge instead!

It was a lovely afternoon and we saw several small boats come in and out of the river going to the wind farm just off shore.  Apparently the two "lighthouses" were only lit in the past if it was a late high tide and a ship needed to see where the channel was. Sutton Bridge (and Wisbech beyond) is only accessible on the high tides.

A lovely walk to the end of the sea bank and there were plenty of people about enjoying the last of the summer day. No money spent, free parking and we took our own tea and cake!

We were reminded of another summer's day in 2004 when we visited Slimbridge one late afternoon and took this photo.

No flamingoes spotted on the Norfolk/Lincolnshire coast - but it has been hot enough!

My latest garden triumph - a yellow pepper!  Have grown green/red before but this is the first time done yellow ones!  Will not blog pictures of the misshaped and blotchy others - but don't worry I still love the weird ones and used them up anyway!


  1. I have several green ones turning rapidly turning yellow. Beautiful scenery.

    1. Made pork with mixed peppers tonight - yum.

  2. Knowing those back roads surely gives a much more pleasant journey to your intended destination. Who would want to join in the holiday traffic when such a beautiful and tranquil place was calling?

    Sometimes peppers do grow into very interesting shapes...and make interesting photographs. Do show us some samples! xo

    1. Was told Wells next the sea roads were closed on Bank Holiday Monday as there was no room left!

  3. Wonky veggies are the best. I have trouble allowing my peppers to even reach the red/orange or yellow stage.

    God bless.

    1. Some strange bruised bits on some =so have used before fully coloured in case they go off completely.


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