Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Plaited rag rug

Finished my January frugal/craft project of rag rugging!

Here it is filling in the gap between spare bed and wall in the second bedroom where just have varnished floor boards. I have used more curtain and duvet cloth in this, mixed with some more rayon/nylon fabrics (lining of old dresses - hence the orange!). This gave the plaits a much thicker feel, especially as each plait was folded and ironed so it was 4 layers thick. I laid them out in rows and stitched them in pairs by hand, then gradually joined the pairs. If it stays here in the bedroom I do not need to make it any wider. If I was to move it elsewhere I could easily add a few more plaits.  I am not sure if I will leave the ends open or fold a contrast fabric across to seal them in. 

Would I recommend this craft?  
Yes, it uses up a lot of second hand fabric and clears out your stash wonderfully.
It is easy to do and you can do it in front of the fire.
Compared to my earlier round mat made with thin dress/blouse material this is thick and cosy for the toes. (Unfortunately, as I left the half made version in front of the settee, it emphasised that the lounge carpet is worn and far from cosy. So by next year this carpet we inherited on buying the house, two years ago, really has to be replaced.)

My hands ache. I found my limit was half an hour of stitching or an hour of preparing and plaiting a day (about 4 plaits a day ). It would not suit someone with arthritis.
I have a hole in my middle finger. In the end I had to find my thimble which I hardly ever use. But pushing the tapestry needle through and using a thicker than normal thread took its toll.

My next household project is going to be a summer quilt for our king sized bed. I am pricing up the wadding needed and the cotton thread, but I think I have enough material in hand to do this in 4 inch cotton squares. I was inspired by a post by The Seasoned Housemaker recently with a beginners quilt.


  1. It looks fab! All the colours blend together beautifully.I admire anyone who can work with fabric. I seem able only to work with yarn, and even then I know my limits. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt. X

  2. Well dne on getting it finished, looking forward to seeing your next project coming on

  3. It looks lovely, but will you put something on the back to prevent it slipping on the wooden boards? Safety comes first, but I expect it's nice and cosy to put your feet on rather than the bare boards.
    Margaret P

  4. Your rag rug looks lovely.

    God bless.

  5. Trish, can you post the instructions on how you make them or provide a link to learn?


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