Saturday, 18 March 2017


Not much time for blogging this last week or so. We have had no rain for 6 days so we hurried to complete the veg bed digging as the soil was dry and crumbly.
The joy of the last few spade/fork fulls!  This bed is 90 feet by 25 feet and, apart from the row of spring cabbage on the right and a row of leeks, has been dug over inch by inch. We had a lot of couch grass last year as well as docks and wanted to get on top of this early this year. Each spade full was examined and roots removed. 8 wheelbarrow loads went up the garden to be burnt when the roots have dried out a bit.

All the grass has been cut but as you can see from the fence in the background we still have some jobs to do!  Family are threatening to visit over Easter so we must get on.

We have taken time out when exhaustion was getting too much and joints were aching.

This is my granddaughters little chair. It came home with us after our last visit to be repaired. she had practised using her dad's drill to take out a screw so often it needed to be plugged and re-drilled. When Granddad had finished I made a little padded cushion to go over the back from various scrap material.
 Front has a No17 embroidered  on the door it to celebrate their recent move to a new house.
The back has a yellow cat on the right as she is cat-mad.

I practised my quilting on this ready to start on my patchwork quilt. Rain is due this weekend so I may make a start on that it is all pinned up and ready to go through the machine.

My husband has completed the shelves for my sewing cabin. The warmer weather meant he could glue up the boards to make some of the shelves.  He also has a new band-saw, so was keen to get the shelf unit out of the workshop and play with his new toy!  He promises more shelves later.

After all that gardening effort I must make an effort to do some cooking - meals this week have been very simple and make-shift.  I don't seem to have much in the cupboards either so I think a bit of meal planning is overdue.


  1. Well done, digging over your veg bed. I'm part way through digging over my allotment and it was hard work. I'll be glad when I've finished and can start sowing and planting.

  2. What a cute little cushion cover.
    So bright and cheerful-x-

  3. Great work on working up the garden. Love the cushion, that cat is pretty darn cute.

    God bless.

  4. Gardening does take over, and when you have finished and the aches come, you really do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

  5. well done to you both on getting the digging done, another job ticked off the list :-)


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