Thursday, 27 April 2017

Accordion book

I saw an idea on a craft site the other day to make a little book from a folded strip of paper. I thought I would adapt this to make a invitation to my grandson to come back for a summer visit.
I used two strips of wallpaper glued together and then folded. I put it under some books for a few days to give nice crisp format.

On the inside I used water colour paint to form a beach, sea and sky.  I blotted the light blue sky to form clouds. I found some tiny bits of bright fabric to make a bucket and a flag and a kite. My figures are just stick men doing the activities we can do together at the beach - dig, build, paddle, fly and run on the beach.  
I shall post it to him soon and hope his parents can bring him to Norfolk this summer to play!


  1. We won't be able to resist, what a beautiful card.

  2. Lovely. Our youngest son did something similar as a Mother's Day card for me when he was in elementary school. I still treasure it.

    God bless.

  3. That is so lovely!
    Margaret P


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