Thursday, 25 May 2017

Food costs

Time for a quick review of our food costs.  Bloggers have raised concerns lately.

We keep our accounts package up to date and use the title "groceries" to cover all food and household/cleaning products and toiletries for a household of two retirees and visitors. We grow a lot of our own fruit and veg, cook from scratch and don't have processed foods. My main shop is done on t'internet and delivered for £1. We use local butchers and fish market (but not exclusively as both involve a drive of 10 miles so it is just when passing on other business we stock up).
Firstly, I looked at the long term spending and found the average over 3 years is £58 per week

Had a look at last 12 months and it averages £52 per week, which was probably due to the good harvests of last summer.

The last 3 months have been more expensive - costs rising to £57 pw.   Why?  Lack of our own potatoes and we have had to buy in our supplies since Christmas Plus, we have been treating ourselves twice a week to locally baked fresh loaves. A mistake. The price has crept up to £1.90 a loaf.  Just those things have cost £7 a week. I am sure we could reign back on the bread and crops are coming on!

I could save more by going into town and shopping around  but I am not willing to waste a day a week. Besides growing your own means you need to be around and working at it every day.

How is your budget going?


  1. Having children in two different towns means I have far more choice when it comes to shopping.We utilise the petrol when we visit to go to the larger supermarkets that offer more. With coupons etc I'm still averaging £35-40 a week. Although hubby buys some addition smelly fish that he takes to work the two days he's ​there. I can't stand the smell it makes me heave!!

  2. I go to the store that is closest to me and while not the least expensive is one that gives me money back once a year (membership in the Co-op has its benefits).

    We do the same here. My grocery budget contains everything yours does. Works perfectly for me. I even think we spend about the same amount weekly.....perhaps just a bit more.

    God bless.

  3. diabolic raises this last year , Mr having diabetes means that everyone else has to do without for him to stick to his diet plan , the gardens coming on nicely so that will help. Current bug bear is that the bread he has cant be bought cheaper than £1.40 here unless we take a trip into town which is a 30 mile round trip, where i can get it for 75p a loaf if its on offer, hes now moaning that he doesnt like it if its been frozen because it goes dry and smells theyre strange creatures

  4. In an attempt to use up the contents of my freezer and cupboards which have far too much in them, I limited myself to a spend of £100 during May for two of us. Actual spend was £101 including a couple of things I really didn't need to buy.Hoping that this exercise will re-train my food shopping habits. Think I still shop in "family of five" mode!


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