Sunday, 25 June 2017

Kitchen Chaos

I was hoping to blog positively this week about dealing with soft fruit. Everything is ripening at once due the hot sunny weather.  Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries. tay berries, black currents and now blueberries!

Instead the kitchen is upside down and things are everywhere.  First, the fridge/freezer failed to keep up with the hot weather. "I told you months ago it would not cope!" I cried as even opening the door to get milk caused it to start to de-frost.  I had to stop picking the fruit as I had no where to put it down or deal with it.  Jam making had to stop as it not only caused me to be reduced to a puddle, having the stove going warmed up the kitchen even more straining the fridge more!

Current accounts were emptied and we went to buy a new fridge/freezer. We had to take out as much food as possible out of the old one (15 years old) and keep it ticking over while the new one was delivered and allowed to settle down. So the old one ended up parked in the middle of the kitchen with leads requiring jumping over.

Second disruption was the arrival of my hand built food cupboard from my husband's workshop. so my old storage was taken away. But the new one needed doors fitted once it was in place and can not be set up till that is finished. Tins and packets of food everywhere.

Finally the new fridge was in full use.

I could return to the garden and collect the fruits, oh, and now broad beans!
I have given up jam making and am using the glut to make wine instead. I need it.  Especially as the crises and expense (and the heat) meant no trip to London this week for my grandson's 3rd birthday party.


  1. An emergency wine store is every bit as important as an emergency fund! You certainly deserve a glass (or five!),

  2. Oh what a shame, I hope the wine is delicious. The warm weather last weekend ripened the soft fruit so quickly, I did have to resort to jam making.......never thought of wine, silly me!

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  4. They never give up when it's convenient for you, always in the middle of a heat wave. Last year our new fridge freezer would not work, we found out after we got rid of our old one.

  5. Hope your kitchen is back to normal! So annoying when things give up the ghost at the most inconvenient time. Hope the wine is delish!

  6. We are hoping to have enough cherries this year to make wine. Homemade wine tastes soooo good.

    God bless.


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