Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Ripening pears

Despite our early spring fears about our tree fruit the Bramleys and pears have produced some fruit. We were unsure how to tell when pears were ripened. Apparently you pick them when a gentle pull detaches them from the tree and put them in with bananas -  this worked well for the comice pears.  But these conference pears have been in the bowl for a good week.
 Fresher bananas on today's shopping list. 
Any ideas? Or just cook with them to soften?


  1. our conference pear crop has been huge this year , i just go out and pick the biggest as we use them a ,couple of days in the house and they are perfect , apples have been tremendous , still my late eaters to pick but once again they stay on the tree a while yet . Plums have been dreadful this year barely a dozen but ive noticed theres hardly any sloes about either , off on a sloe hunt tomorrow !!

    1. Plums were a complete wash out here. It is only year 3 for our trees but they are making progress I think.

  2. Still quite early for Conference I think. Ours haven;t started falling off yet.

  3. we're told to put fruit in brown paper bags which you close up. It can take a week or so to ripen things.


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