Thursday, 30 November 2017

Quick project

Too cold for gardening, no DIY projects to start, no cooking plans so I went out to my hobby cabin to tidy and find something to do.  As I refolded my stash of fabric I found a carrier with material cut out for a tote bag from a piece of curtaining 3 houses back; I had put this by for some time.

I was just preparing the handles when I saw a scrap of fleece jacket material on the bench; leftover from the rag rug making. Thinking about how uncomfortable thin fabric handles can be I fiddled around until I had achieved a nice soft lining for them.  I added a smooth silky lining to the bag too from my stash of plain nylon/rayon fabrics someone had given me.

The really nice button I added to make a fastening was brought some years ago on Bristol street market and was economic support project.

At the time I was working on unemployment projects in a near by county and thought we should be doing something similar.

This is a pretty bag, I may use it to give a Christmas gift.


  1. The bag is really pretty. As you say, it would be great as part of a Christmas gift. The added bonus is that the bag can be used all year long. Love the idea of using a soft material to line the handles. I make bags for a women's shelter and will borrow that idea.

  2. Really nice. I love the button.

    God bless.


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