Thursday, 7 December 2017

Just say NO!

Just say NO was a anti drugs slogan way back when. This week I have been screaming it at the TV. There was a report saying people could not handle the Christmas debt and got up to £2000 on credit cards.

For goodness sake people. Say NO. You don't need ALL the trimmings. Be sensible.
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If you can't afford presents, explain to that wider circle of relatives and friends that you love them any way and when your "ship comes in" they will be invited on board. Concentrate on the kids.
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If you can't afford the office/works lunch out, bake a cake one afternoon or  offer to make coffee when they eventually stagger back.

Debt is not worth the 5 mins pleasure on one day of the year. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. It's crazy what some people do. I'm not impressed by it at all anyone can load a credit card. It takes determination to say no. Buy second hand, make things. Most all spend quality time together.

  2. Def. no credit card debts here.....thank goodness. The person who invented credit cards didn't do the world much good really did he?

  3. No Christmas credit here, it's all about family, a lovely meal and time together. If anyone complains we are tight, I will laugh and feel smug, because like other wise folk, we have the balance right.

  4. I totally agree. I make most of our gifts for giving now, and keep the costs to a minimum. It is about spending time will family and friends not about gifts.

    God bless.

  5. I grew up in Scotland Christmas dinner for ten plus, was home made chicken broth boiled chicken potatoes and veg finished off with trifle. I left in the 80s for South Africa, Christmas dinner was a BBQ with friends round the pool or a day on the beach with prawns or steak later. When I returned to the UK I could noit believe all this fuss for one day. My best Christmases as a teenage was going to church on Christmas eve with friends and walking home in the snow looking at the stars. My daughters now married and live in the UK do Christmas dinner to suit their husband's family but find it all a bit over the top


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