Sunday, 17 December 2017

Next bit of kitchen

Kitchen was disrupted again for 2 days while the husband fitted the kitchen hood. Luckily I was able to switch the menu to meals that needed little prep or cooking - risotto which is all cooked in one pan and fresh fish fillets quickly rolled in golden breadcrumbs with a few chips.

More trailing wires and plug swapping until the electrician comes in the New Year.


  1. We often forget to put the fan on when cooking!

  2. Its starting to take shape. Are you going to remove the tiles or attempt a patch up?

    1. We are in discussions! May take odd bits down to plugs and try to patch; may put up battens and put a "splash back" along. Last thing I want is ripping off and plastering!

  3. Great fun - I share your predicament. Our loo is in the hall in a box and tiles are off the wall in the bathroom - but wait a few weeks and it will all be worth the hassle.

  4. The kitchen is looking great. Soon everything will be completed and you will enjoy cooking in it.

    God bless.


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