Friday, 18 January 2019

Big TV mistake

Got fed up with the husband channel hopping last week in his attempt to find good commentating on the political national crises.  I introduced him to the concept of live Parliament TV so he could shout at the stuff coming out of the horses mouth instead of the gibbering monkeys on College Green.

Big mistake. He is flicking back to it all the time. He is now watching live in the Lords, London Mayor question time, select committees and the entire confidence debate.


Was not me!

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Being a bit anti royalist/aristocracy I was expecting my children to ring me last night to see if it was me running a certain older person off the road  in the local Norfolk area.  As Charlie Brown used to say in the cartoon "It was not me!".

Image result for norfolk beachesBut thanks for the speed reduction to 50 mph on that stretch my trips to the beaches will be a bit safer. Not that I have ever reached the heady speeds of 50 plus, with the traffic flow I usually tootle down there at 40 to 45 mph.    I suspect the poor ladies involved in this royal accident were not doing much more than that.

We despair at the local council actions taking so long - 40 accidents in 3 years? Surely action could have happened sooner?  We have similar village issues and data is being collected from those reactive speed advice signs which monitor how many times they switch on and the speeds people do. But apparently the data can not be public knowledge. We think knowing such figures would spark conscious of some at least.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Shin of beef

I discovered this cut of beef a couple of years ago and is now a winter favourite for stews in my slow cooker.  It is always quite a bit cheaper than stewing beef or braising steak and has a very nice meaty taste.
Day 1:  the 600 grams was cooked for about 5 hours in the slow cooker with lots of swede, carrot and celery and onions and in last half an hour topped with suet dumplings. I add a good slug of Worcestershire sauce before adding the gravy which gives it extra richness.

This was day 2 reheated with fresh root veg and some red lentils added and served with cauli and carrots.  I transfer it to a casserole dish and put in the oven so other things can be cooked along side.

The sack of potatoes I brought at the end of  last week have proved very good quality and make really nice roast potatoes.

It is very cold today, although sunny and dry, which is in contrast to the mild days we have been having. Up to 10C, I  have been able to finish the re cutting of the strawberry/asparagus bed.
I have nearly finished the garden flower beds giving them a good tidy, my husband is planning to move things about in the spring, which won't be long as winter things are flowering and various herbaceous are showing growth already.

We went to a Parish Council meeting last night to complain about a 7 foot high sign the have put right outside our window.  We stayed to listen to the rest of the meeting which was ponderously slow and full of muttering which my husband could not hear clearly.  One of the ladies wants me to stand as a Councillor to help her even up the male/female divide which is 5 to 13.  I shall have to read up about it as I am not sure I could bear the months and months it seems to take to do anything. We started complaining about the sign in October!!!

Saturday, 12 January 2019


Came out of the hospital on Friday after a regular check up to see the bus back  into town go by. Next one was 25 minutes so instead of waiting on the windy corner I set off to walk back to town.  1.9 miles.
Just down the road I found cycle way sign saying town centre 1.5 miles taking me away from the main road.  Some time later I past another sign - still saying 1.5 miles!  Where had I gone wrong?

Image result for confused at signpost
As I was currently in a run down 1960s housing estate by then, I veered off to an open green area and asked a dog walker.  Still a long way but it was through pleasant green area belt  and a Woodland Trust area.  It was warm and sunny for a bit and I saw lots of catkins and buds on trees.

I looked up my route on an OS map when I got home and I was pretty much on the right track.  I was probably veering down the more open roads rather than some suspicious looking alleyways.

Got back to town about the same time as the bus would have taken and felt very refreshed by the impromptu walk.

Been a few days since I learned any new facts (one of my targets for the year to learn new stuff) but today we decided to watch Paul Murton's Tour of Scottish lochs (BBC2).  Well, I did not know the western seaboard of Scotland was a ring of extinct volcanoes and one near Ardnumchan.... you can see the outline in a ring round the old volcano'score from aerial photographs.   In fact I think for my geography education in the 1960s I had assumed Scotland was a result of tectonic plates moving together to form the mountains.  Amazing.


What is people's experience of the quality of potatoes in the supermarkets so far this year?  As our crop did not last till Xmas I have had to buy these in.  My first few 5kg packs from various supermarkets  white potatoes (cheapest) have been very poor. Tendency to disintegrate and poor taste. And a small pack does not last long!

I gave up today and at the local butchers purchased a sack of better quality locally grown potatoes. £9.50, which is £2 more than 18 months ago.   Tried them in Shepherds pie for tea and they were very good quality - no waste, no bruised black bits, and mashed nicely.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Winning at complaining to Stanstead

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Since October my husband has been complaining to Stanstead airport after a friend who was trying to pick us up got charged £25 for going in the  car park we were not in because we were following the signs to "pick up" and he was following the signs for "pick up"  - that turned out  not to be the same one!

After a series of letters about how we got mixed up as their internal signage was rubbish and insistence by him that people were misdirected by the their signs, they gave up and refunded the money.


Thursday, 10 January 2019

Entertaining 4 year olds

Quick visit from family to help with the roof of the shed building.  I was "left holding the baby", well 4 year old, while Dad was busy out in the cold.  I soon get fed up with the super hero games, mostly as I have no idea who these Avenger hero types are.  Reverting to some more traditional things we made snowmen out of the back of the cereal packer, taught him "noughts and crosses" and I drew a series  quick mazes.

10 minutes to figure out and draw and 30 seconds to solve. Damm - too intelligent!
Where is that Lego ?  Grandma is a wizz at that.

Big TV mistake

Got fed up with the husband channel hopping last week in his attempt to find good commentating on the political national crises.  I introduc...