Sunday, 18 April 2021

Changing settings.

 No, not been out anywhere I have just discovered how to do something on this digital Fusion thing. For months I have been plagued by these pop up news headlines from The Sun newspaper on line. And honestly it has depressed the hell out of me. Murder, stabbings, arson, beatings, road rage, breaking Covid rules, on and on. Occasionally there was an interesting bit and I must have pressed something to start it off but I could not get rid of this feed.

Finally fully in the dumps and feeling very down I stabbed a finger on the headline and a thing appeared like a switch to turn it off. Hurrah! A sense of balance restored or perhaps I just like hiding from reality. 

Now, if only I can work the same magic on these Radio Times alerts that started this week.  What did I do to get notifications on endless dross and repeats? The only thing I looked up was times of the Sewing Bee.

  Algorithms, my IT son tells me. Predicts your interests. Well it must think I am a very weird person!


  1. I have the same problem....I must hit the wrong button somewhere along the line.

    God bless.

  2. Apparently, I've ruined OH's Netflix feed by using his account to watch things he has no interest in. He's not happy. He's going to have to start a new one.

  3. I agree, they are annoying. However, I have become quite good at just ignoring them!