Monday, 24 May 2021

Different reading matter

 I have been a terrible blogger lately. My apologies. I have just lost a lot of enthusiasm for life lately. I have tried to keep busy and try new things.

A couple of new authors from ebooks on our library service have mixed cooking with detecting! Yeah! Gentle crime for a change!

This one features Tannie Maria and is set in South Africa. I have no idea what she was cooking but it all sounded delicious and her descriptions of the Veldt were fantastic.  Very like the famous No 1 Detective Agency series. 


The other one is a cake and chocolate cook and writer in Weston Super Mare/Somerset. An area I am familiar with so was interested in her settings. Cakes sounded nice too!

Not a lot of time for reading next week as BBC  Springwatch is starting and it is based locally. If I lean out the bedroom window with good binoculars I can just about make out the hill - if it is not raining! 

Spotted my first swallow in the garden this morning. Just before a big black cloud thundered and issued forth a biblical deluge.  


  1. That's the lighthouse on Burnham on Sea beach! (we live in Somerset). I never knew there was an author who wrote novels about life here, I'll have to have a look for them. Thank you.

  2. Not too much rain today, thank heavens. I've been like you Trish, completely lost my mojo for blogging. Good to have you back.

  3. Books have certainly kept me going through the lockdown. If you like stories with lots of food references, try Donna Leon. The wife of her main character is a marvelous cook and the books are full of delectable descriptions of the food she prepares.

    1. I love those. The whole idea of police going place to place in boats is wonderful. We have been following a vlog of someone stuck in Venice over this winter and showing the marvelous architecture and food without all the hustle and bustle. Looked lovely.

  4. I reckon lack of enthusiasm is all due to the weather - the rain just goes on and on and never any warmer although Julie on Look East last night said it might be warmer for Bank Hol weekend

  5. This year I am reading through the alphabet. Shock of shocks I read a great deal of what we call Cozy Mysteries about cooks and such. Reading has kept me sane as well along with crafting.

    God bless.