Sunday, 23 November 2014

Can't believe its been 10 months and everything in life has changed. Gained 2 more grandchildren. Decided work was too much and took advantage of an early house sale to take off to the far north of Norfolk and a rural lifestyle for our active retirement years!
We have had to work hard all summer and there are some problems to overcome but it is proving to be everything we wished for and at last my state pension kicks in!

Hope to be posting regularly from now on!

So what has been this last week's highlight?  I think putting in our " wood" at the far end of our plot. It consists of 12 native trees - rowan, hazels, crab apple, alders. They are on the down side of the ancient sea dyke that provides a slight rise in our plot.  In the 17th century this would have been the edge of the sea! This area is called "silt lands" in Norfolk - where islands and marshes joined together with reclaimed land along the edge of the Wash,  The soil is beautiful, not the black of the" dark lands" or fens but a rich brown.   We spent so long over the summer cutting down and mowing the grass that had previously been a horse paddock we hesitated to dig into it!  Next summer we will develop some of this grass in this area into a wild  flower meadow. Our intention is to have some benefit from a shelter belt for the plot but also to have a shaded place with a meadow feel in which to sit.

Why the big tree guards round such small trees?  Not over run by rabbits - but we often see hares!

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