Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Year

In some ways a slow start to the ear.Could not find any "mojo" at work and the only enjoyment of the week lay in coming home to various sewing projects and the next stage in making some elderberry wine (a kit on offer in Wilkinsons - £6). Not that I am counting of course, but 195 working days to go - if, and only if, we survive the next round of council cuts!

My experimenting with sewing with knitted jersey - a jumper from the charity shop has resulted in 4 baby hats!

Next I am trying a baby jacket pattern out of some fleecy material. Again a new material for me. And another frugal sew - as it was a pair of "leisure" trousers (value £3) I was never going to wear from Primark.
One leg is making one jacket.
I have purchased half a metre of red dress jersey to line  for £3.  And I am probably going to stay away from cheap jersey as it is awful to handle!  I have some red and blue double knit wool around so I will probably knit a hat to go with it. Two outfits for 6 month olds about £3 each.  My husband is wondering why I am making this when the birth dates for our new grandchildren are June and July!  I know we are going to be so busy this summer it will be November dark nights before I get any more evening sewing time.

Struggled to find the enthusiasm for cooking this week as not very hungry but I did make some nice frugal soup from half a swede, 2 carrots, a potato and an onion with a stock pot by Maggi.  This made 6 bowls of thick soup. For some reason the swede was very sweet when I boiled the other half for a straight veg - but it was not so bad in the soup.

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