Wednesday, 17 December 2014

New cushion from scraps

Now the lounge has a fresh coat emulsion I needed some cushions to contrast with the pale settee. I had some unwanted curtains in a deep red to which I added a "fabric scrap picture panel". I was inspired by Highland Monkeys blog about her Quirky House sampler and by a picture I purchased at Malvern show some time back from Ethereal Earth Art  called  "Swirly Whirly Balloon Land". I made a village picture from scraps of fabric, embroidery stitches and machining on a piece of heavy beige linen (once the legs of my husband's Chinos - hardly worn as they were always too small for him).The horses came from some scraps from coats and hats I had made for my grandchildren. I padded the picture square and stitched wavy lines to "quilt" it before hemming the edges and then zig zag stitched it on. I used some black old fashioned poppers to fasten up the cushion along one edge as someone had given me a whole old tobacco tine full!

I quite like it - and will have another go as it is a fun make and costs nothing except a bit of time - but mostly it gave me something to do while watching TV.

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