Friday, 19 December 2014

Project Sunlight

Having seen the brief advert about ending hunger here and abroad I found 5 minutes to look at the website. It is a good beginning of bringing together information on poverty and brings together links to some of the existing web sites Change4Life, Love Food Hate Waste, etc. Interesting.

I have been thinking about food poverty a lot following a blog by Frugal Queen and the various news reports.
I am a great believer in making the money stretch by using fresh fruit and veg. What I wold like to know is: Would substantially increasing the access to allotments/gardens big enough to have veg make a difference to food poverty?

I have always regretted the decline of local greengrocers (having once run one!) and think that if there were more - cooking from scratch and making more of food money would increase.  I am amazed and jealous when travelling in some areas of the UK and see several streets with several large and thriving green grocers - Eggbaston high street in Birmingham, Narborough Road in Leicester, - but they are not in small market towns or suburban areas - why is that?

Xmas - my ideal time for final planning of my fruit and veg crop in our new one acre plot!

(meanwhile - I wrote a few weeks ago about portion control and taking down the amount on our plates of meat and potatoes? I am pleased to say 2lbs lost already!)


  1. Unfortunately there us not a simple answer. People will always have different priorities regardless of circumstances. Some would chose cigarettes over fresh food

  2. There will always be a percentage in any population that will not change - I suppose my hope is that the next generation may escape.



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