Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thrifty decorating

Having had a wood burning stove fitted in the lounge the chimney area needed decorating as did the rest of the lounge. We have inherited dull green, the same emulsion on the walls, skirting, radiator, door, window frames.... yep no gloss, just a white ceiling !
We have invested £87 in paint, found our gear and a couple of old pots (total value with the new stuff about £100) from our previous house and we intend to see how far we can get round the house!
It was a cold windy day but dry and sunny so it was quite nice to be indoors working for a change. Got on quite well till my husband decided to go and cut the lawns  - it has been so mild the grass was long!
Worked from 9.20 to 3.00 on the lounge and completed one coat on walls and one coat (white)  on woodwork. Had to stop to chop firewood!


  1. Wow that was a lot of hours painting, are you trying to get it all done before christmas ?

  2. Sounds like you'll be all done and dusted by Christmas. I want a log burner. I'm hoping by next year we will have one

  3. Lounge is nearly finished - just the windows to do. Not sure if we will get too far by Xmas I would like to cheer up the dinning end of the kitchen and the bathroom. Both painted in dull yellow - walls,doors, skirting, everything was hit with the same emulsion brush!


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