Monday, 8 December 2014

Playing Internet Ready Steady Cook

While my desire to make the best of our food is great - sometimes my ideas run dry. I don't have a great many recipe books but I do have a laptop! some days I take it to the kitchen and get on Google and type in "recipe" plus whatever is in the fridge in need of being eaten and/or what is lurking unused in the cupboard. Today it is minced lamb and Bulgar wheat.. I had brought the lamb with a few meal ideas in mind, and the Bulgar had been hanging around since some summer experiments with salads. There were a few possibilities but in the end I went with a spicy adaption which provided enough for dinner and some leftovers for lunch today.  I have tried similar recipes in the past using Cous cous and mint.
Soaked 50gms of wheat in hot water, chopped some onion, a mushroom, a slice of red pepper and added to 450g mince. Teaspoon of coriander powder,turmeric,  cumin and chilli powder. Mixed it all up and formed into small burgers or patties. Fried in a little oil and then popped in oven to make sure they cooked through with the potatoes I had been doing as wedges and the apple pie. Husband liked it. YUM. Meat cost £2  - rest was store/fridge cupboard stuff.


  1. They look good, at least you didn't just throw the wheat away, I am not throwing anything out anymore those days are gone. Money is precious.

  2. Hmm I confess the best buy date was a bit out of date but they had been stored well and looked and tasty OK1


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