Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Frugal with heating 2

On the 3 Dec I wrote about our heating strategy of living with an average temperature of 18 C in the house. Then our boiler malfunctioned and it only works manually. But we have soldiered on with no heating overnight once the wood fire has gone out and have got used to 16 C most mornings before I switch it on for an hour or two. Today I was listening to an interview on the radio about the so-called Ice Diet and one of the things said made me really happy! Apparently obesity is linked to people having their houses too well heated and if you reduce the temperature you burn up "brown fat",  loose weight and are more healthy.
I am waiting eagerly for the weight loss to start!  This is our fire just after installation - we have decorated now.


  1. Putting us to the test next few days with -5C forecast and electricity planned cut on Monday! Spent day cutting up a pallet for extra fire wood.


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