Monday, 12 January 2015

Getting ready for spring

Spent the morning getting ready for spring today. My husband built a potting table from scrap wood and bits of pallets which I painted with fence paint.

We cleared out the conservatory and mended an old picnic bench to put along side the new one. And then we found all our old seed trays which had not yet been unpacked from our move last summer and set them out.

Will have to wash them and go shopping for compost and seeds. Yippee - spring is coming!


  1. Like you I can't wait. Driving back from the hospital this evening it was raining and horrid but you could still tell the daytime was stretching just a bit. I was going to look for some compost tomorrow as I may start some beetroot off. Tx

  2. PS. You're hubby is just like mine. Can make something from nothing. Very clever..

  3. I like the table. x

  4. Txs. He is very handy and I am trying not to rush but I cant wait to start growing!



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