Monday, 5 January 2015

New gardening programmes

Welcome back to the Allotment programme on BBC2 - took all of the last series to get my head round the format but I quite enjoyed it.  This year's is a bit less confusing as the plots are tended by one person instead of the confusing pairs!  I was horrified by the rats in one persons plot, with no explanation why or how to get rid of them. If it has four feet and a tail I would be terrified.

The other programme on Sky "Show Your Garden" is apparently based on the format of Come Dine with me, but I have never seen that so it was lost to me.  Each week 3 gardens are shown and voted on by the other couples. It was quite interesting to see round ordinary gardens. We do enjoy seeing gardens in the Yellow Book in the summer too!

Wont be long till Gardeners World is back, I like Beechgrove too even if it is based in the far and frozen north.


  1. I thought I saw it in the TV listings. I did watch some of them last year but I was after more gardening advice than they seemed to offer. Will take a look at the show on demand.

  2. There's another new one later tonight! I don't think any of them are instructional these days. We reckon on Beechgrove's older blokes being the best to teach you anything.


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