Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Completed first sewing project of 2015

I have finished my blouse - it was completely free!
Pattern from a magazine give away (altered slightly), fabric from my daughter in law at Xmas, free thread and button from some odds and ends given to me.  It will be just right for casual wear this summer. I will do an audit of summer clothes and see what else I need to sew! But I am sticking to my strategy of only having what I need - I don't want too much or we will need to buy more cupboards!


  1. Trish its lovely. How clever are you! How did you finish the seams? Love the way you've thought about the pattern and how it appears on the finished article making it look very professional. Congratulations.

    1. Hi. I am pleased with it. The cloth was patterned at each end and I laid the hem across it. I think it had been used as a sari or big scarf before, (my daughter in law is Asian and wears traditional dress). The pattern said to overlock or zigzag all the edges before doing the seams. As the material was fine, soft and a bit stretchy this worked really well and it was easy to do just after cutting out when they were still flat!


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