Sunday, 25 January 2015

Planting a hedge

A beautiful day in north Norfolk today, sunny and fairly warm. So we decided to take the 25 bare root stock natural British hedge plants down to the far end of the field to make a hedge.  Our long thin plot ends in a dyke/ditch just before which is wide hump. This is the remain of a 1700s historic Sea Dyke. Yes, the sea used to come up to here - the 5 or 6 miles between us and the sea is reclaimed land. This farm land is supposed to be the most productive in the UK.  Which bodes well for the 25 "sticks" we just planted beside it.

After that hard work we came back down to the other end and cleared up some of out "work area" to plant an area of more garden trees and shrubs. This will form a shelter belt for the polytunnel. We planted two hollies and a flowering cherry tree today.

Exhausted we wandered back in for a cup of tea!

Did the RSPB bird count - hedge sparrows, blackbirds, green finch, collared dove in the garden. A few passing seagulls and a large flock of migrating geese!

Weather forecast is for very cold and snow.  Brr...

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  1. It was lovely first thing yesterday. You've been very busy. Fingers crossed the trees all do well.


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