Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Keeping home made bread fresh

I was a bit disappointed in my bread drying out dispute being in my ceramic bread bin.  I remembered having a conversation with an Artisan baker at a street market in Chepstow some time ago who recommended keeping the bread in its paper bag in the bread bin.  I tried this last week using a bag saved from the treats purchased at the deli at Xmas and it worked!  The bread kept much better.

Only problem now is finding paper bags!

I do remember my mother and Aunts in the 1950's and 1960's all hording paper bags when they shopped and reusing them. Wise women.


  1. Yep, almost everything is plastic thse days. Fruit stalls usually use paper bags.

  2. Some bread in our local supermarket is sold in paper bags (usually the more expensive stuff, that I don't often buy!). On the rare occasions I do get something in a paper bag, I always keep them - very useful, I find.

  3. Our local sewing shop uses paper bags - but my husband is on to my addiction of buying fabrics!


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