Sunday, 4 January 2015

Thrifty thinking reaches the Saturday Telegraph!

As a treat this week we brought a Saturday newspaper to do the crossword in front of the fire over the weekend and to have something to light the bonfire not having had any papers for a couple of months!

In the Telegraph magazine there was an article by Rose Prince that starts - "Everyone is talking about little and often - short shopping trips to buy what food is needed rather than car-bootfuls that are not." And she gives some store cupboard recipes - yet again other peoples store cupboards seem to full of posh stuff we never consider! There were two recipes I liked; I was about to do my signature dish of Cumberland sausage casserole and one of hers fitted the bill for some plain sausages tucked away from Xmas and some tinned beans I had picked up on Saturday. Put the cumberlands back for another day!
White beans, pork sausages(or sausage meat) and crispy breadcrumbs
Garlic, carrot, onion, celery base saute lightly;
 add dried rosemary and thyme before adding stock and a tin of chopped toms.
 De-skin pork sausages and fry crumbling the meat. Pour off any fat and add to the sauce.
 Stir in a can of haricot beans. Simmer.
 I added a bit of tomato puree to increase the colouring and popped mine in the oven for 20 mins as I was preparing veg.
The topping was  bread crumbs browned in olive oil and garlic with fresh parsley but as my last garlic clove needs to last all week I just did the bread crumbs in oil and added some chili flakes. I put on top of casserole and left in oven for  a few minutes.
It was very filling and half was enough for our evening meal with a baked potatoes and veg - rest will be for tomorrow.
The other recipe I liked was pea soup with bacon, mint and paprika - I will pop in my scrap book for another time.

I shall need some pound stretching this month as we did the accounts today and after the car tax is paid I only have £130 for groceries maximum this month. Store cupboard meals in will be!!

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  1. As you know I am starting my experiment of living on a retirement budget this year. I've just paid my tax bill that I had conveniently forgotten about so I will definitely have to make the £100 cash I have left in my purse stretch to the end of the month. Down to the market Thursday after lunch for my fruit and veg (its cheaper towards the end of their trading day). The recipe sounds delicious and I have most of the ingredients, so I will be trying it.



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