Saturday, 21 February 2015

Choosing a green house

When we moved to our current house last year we put by some money for a structural things to help us grow enough fruit and veg to feed ourselves and have enough outbuildings to do" things". Over this winter we are busy putting up a poly tunnel in our field.  My husband is very good at DIY and did once build a greenhouse in wood.  But today we decided time and energy was running out and our crops need to move forward and for him to build a greenhouse as well this Spring would be too much.
We went to chose one  today. Enjoying ourselves popping in and out of the display models we attracted the salesman eventually. In the various properties we had over the 10 years on our journey of developing properties to become mortgage free we had inherited a few greenhouses - all small with low doorways. We have decided in 1940/50 people were smaller!!!  Our thoughts were to get something a little wider than normal - we quite fancy this 8 ft if fitted with double doors.  It is not that high but because of the width it does feel more spacious. Reasonable price and good quality with a good base structure to be firmly planted against Norfolk coastal winds!
After having  a general chat with sales man we went for coffee to study the brochure.  Husband happy he could build in 2 days and use an existing concrete slab within the garden area. All wonderful?  Yes. BUT. How come everything you want like this takes at least 4 weeks to be manufactured in the UK?  I do want to support UK business but its the prime time of year for sales - how come they are not geared up a bit more to give better customer satisfaction?

Elite Belmont Greenhouse


  1. don't see too many greenhouses here in people's gardens. I guess we are lucky in the Summer it gets that hot that tomatoes, peppers etc all grow outside no problem.

    Gill in Canada, your newest subscriber.

  2. Some English summers that works, others are variable! Its also a lot of work in care for the structure and watering when it is hot. I would love to live somewhere where outside summer weather is guaranteed! How long have you lived in Canada?

    1. we have lived in Canada coming up 26 years. We are originally from Cumbria.



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