Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Eating well (meat) for less

I reviewed the last big shop's meat value before I put together the next shopping list.  I had brought a shoulder of lamb for £7.72 and a (large) chicken for £4.50 for two of us.  From these we had:
Roast lamb and roast veg.
Lamb in a tomato sauce
Lamb rissoles
Lamb curry with mushrooms
Roast chicken and veg
Chicken in bacon in cheese sauce with pasta
Chicken with honey and mustard stew with baked potatoes
Chicken and mushroom curry
Chicken stew with dumplings

That was meat for  9 good meals for 2 people for £11.82. There was absolutely no waste. The bones were used  to add flavour to the last dishes made so I could reduce the amount of stock cubes used.


  1. Well done on the lamb, I got some today in Tesco. I shall have to stretch it out like you, Lamb Rissoles sound good, never made them.

  2. Love lamb it's such a tasty meat. Well done we eat far too mucheat these days.

  3. I've done them a couple of ways, this time I had some left over cold boiled potatoes so mashed those in. I used my food processor to turn 4oz of cooked lamb and an onion into a fine crumb, shoved in pots with some ground coriander and ground cumin (for a middle eastern taste) and an egg to bind it. If its a bit wet I add a bit of plain flour. I wanted to use up some fine breadcrumb mix lurking in the cupboard so I rolled the balls in these before shallow frying.,I pop in oven for a bit if its on while I make the rest of the meal which does dry them is a bit greasy. I did gravy this week but they are nice with a tomato sauce too. Very cheap and a good mid week meal.


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