Sunday, 15 March 2015

Progress towards Spring

Lots of family distractions this week but we managed to take advantage of a very dry week here in Norfolk to get on with our garden.  Our poly tunnel is progressing slowly and now has a floor. We wanted to get the ground covered to start the process of killing off the turf.  In fact it was easier to lay this without the poly tunnel being covered as we could reach in and out of the hoops and rails.
Our green house will be here next week.  More building for the husband!  I will be glad for both things to be finished as the conservatory is overfull with seedlings. All are doing well except the brassicas as the early cabbages, cauli and Brussel sprouts all have suffered "damping off".


  1. busy time of year for you getting everything done. At least the weather cooperated for you.

  2. It's a lovely size poly tunnel. I'm going to use my greenhouse more this winter. Desperate to get back out in the garden but I'm not off this weekend :o (



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