Monday, 16 March 2015

Summer wardrobe

Got excited by the over 10C temperatures one day last week and went through my summer wardrobe. I wrecked quite a few clothes last summer when we moved to Norfolk what with dismantling stables, cutting down overgrown garden and painting fences!   Still plenty of blouses and tops left over from work  and 3 pairs of shorts.  Three "going out" dresses and 4 summer cardigans. I have several bags of clothes that could be recycled into fabric and some lengths if I need to make some thing extra.
Not everything is suitable for our new life in retirement in the country but I am trying not to buy anything new in 2015! Besides saving money there is the issue of space in this much smaller house and I need to reduce the storage!
Some things I have hacked about and others just needed altering a bit. This blouse for example I have had for about 10 summers, it is still in good condition probably because it had the most uncomfortable sleeves that cut into the elbows.  Wore it to the office now and again but was always glad to change at 5pm! So today I cut the sleeves off and made them into plain short sleeves.  Hopefully I will get some more wear out of it.

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