Friday, 20 March 2015

Smart meter

We had a free smart meter fitted on Monday that reads our electric useage. Its quite interesting and sparked a lot of discussion. As we have been busy we have not had too much time to experiment but one or two things have already shown up.
1. When the house is at " rest" at night or we are outside the standby stuff and clocks use 30 watts continuously,  Hubby says that is £12 per annum.
2. There was an extension lead in the lounge with a fuse and light indicator, I think it had a surge breaker in it for the computers which we brought years and years ago.  When I unplugged it the reading dropped 70 watts!  Err - think I may bin that!
3. Dont stand near the meter when you turn on the electric shower - it goes red and shoots up. Yikes!

More power use monitoring is bound to take place and I am sure we will find other things to improve use!

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  1. it does make you think about what you are or are not using and how much you can save while turning off the odd thing around the house. Our electricity rates just keep going up and up, and there is nothing we can do about it, it's bloody annoying.


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