Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 3 of the greenhouse build.

Today was grey again with the temperature staying around 7C. Slow progress in the morning until my husband took the last side of the greenhouse apart and started again measuring the door aperture to make sure it stayed straight at 80.15 cms width. After that it fell into place and by 4.30 all the walls were up!

Retreated to the settee for more tea and a warm up, especially as my husband;s arthritis kicked in and his ankle gave way causing him to fall over one of the struts and bend it.  Doctor recommended more Vitamin D earlier in the week when we were discussing the degeneration of my left hip joint so we will be shopping for mackerel and salmon next week and upping our D intake!

In the middle of holding the sides up the post man arrived with a parcel which needed a signature!


  1. It's looking good. I take a suppliment every morning and it helps tremendously.

  2. Previously my husband has sworn by cod liver oil supplements but I was not so keen!

  3. it's starting to take shape. It will have been worth all the work when it's all together!!



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