Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Spring is definitely round the corner here in North Norfolk, if only the wind would die down a bit more.  Our neighbour has been out ploughing in his market garden plot while we are struggling to hang doors on our polytunnel.

Meanwhile I have been experimenting with my new sewing machine.  After 50 years of sewing with foot controls my brain is having trouble communicating!!  I keep pressing and lifting my right foot on nothing instead of telling my finger to press the go/stop button.
I have tried out the embroidery stitches on the white collar of this toddlers sun dress I have been making for my grand daughter.

It was a free pattern in my Sew magazine copied on to some Amazon packing paper, the collar and bodice lining was an wanted white office type  blouse and the buttons on the back were out of the button  box. The material is cotton/polyester at £3.50 per meter and this took just about 80% of the meter to make.  So quite a frugal sew!


  1. The dress is so cute, I love the detail on the collar. Where is the 'go' button on the machine? Does that mean you can't use both hands to guide/hold etc the fabric.. I don't know how I'd cope with that. My mum used to have a big industrial machine that you operated with your knee. I quite liked that!!

    1. The go button is just above the needle, I think eventually I could learn to stretch the index finger while holding on to the work. You can tell I was not exactly great at tough typing as I always had to look where the fingers were. I can put a foot peddle on this but I think I will keep trying for a while yet!

  2. Its beautiful, well done you. I love red and white your granddaughter is going to look beautiful in it. I love your machine. I think I would find no foot pedal hard to adjust to. Can't wait to see your creations.

  3. What a pretty dress.


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