Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Potential savings on electricity

The other day we received an offer from our power supplier offering a FREE SMART meter.  This would measure our usage in detail and even indicate which appliances are using the electric most on an easy to read digital screen.  Woppee! Something useful and free!  We could solve the arguments about equipment stand by costs!

After trying the 0800 number three times the same day I finally got to talk to someone.  Answered loads of questions and agreed to their remote checking of the SMART meter to adjust our billing pattern.  Did not mind this as my husband double checks their every move and argues regularly about their calculations and charges!

Q. Where is your meter?  A. In the Front hall.
Q. Is it accessible? A.Its on the wall.  Above the door.
Q. Is the door higher than 7 feet?  A. The door isn't but the meter is above it, so probably about 7 feet - although I have never measured it. Why? I am an older person and I can stand on a chair and read it easily when you want the readings from me.  And I bet a good percentage of older houses have fuse boxes up high. And fuse boxes located in small low under stairs cupboards can cause as much injury if not more to your back in my experience.

Oh no, you can't have one its too high for our operatives. They cant work above 7 ft, We'll have to think about it, do a health and safety risk assessment. Goodbye.

What???  A worker capable of disconnecting a mains fuse box and setting up equipment but can't stand on something 12 inches off the ground?

Husband fired off a complaint and within a few days the power company offered to send TWO men round in 3 weeks time.  One to stand on the 12" specially supplied stool to reach the 7 ft 4 inch fuse switch and one to hold his coat!!!

I will let you know when its fitted and if it tells us anything helpful to reduce electricity usage.


  1. Honestly, you wouldn't believe it would you. Mad mad world

  2. It beggars belief how we manage to get anything done in this country anymore with all the health and safety red tape there is. I'm not against it perse but where has common sense gone. Sky engineers work at heights so do roofers my son inlaw is one. What a waste of resources. Working from a safe platform shouldn't be any sort of problem. My meters were replaced in August with smart meters and I have a reader in the kitchen that tells you usage etc They are vey good.

  3. I used to work in management where I had to attend endless health and safety training and put into practice - I was terrible at it officially because I always wanted to use common sense!! We always have a laugh in Ireland when we visit because they just have not invented H&S and just get on with life. Looking forward to the meter!

  4. bloody typical!!! Funny though.........



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